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hauntedgraphics's Journal

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  • hauntedgraphics@livejournal.com
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Hey welcome to Haunted Graphics,im Samantha most people know me as sjjtnj
this is a place to share my graphics so if you like my work feel free to friend me

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1. Please comment so I know what graphics you are taking.
2. No hotlinking (don't mess up my bandwith so nobody else can see the graphics)
3. No stealing or claiming it as your own you know it does take time to make these things
4. No modifying thats rude why even take it in the first place if it's not good enough for you
5. To make a request just post a comment in this post
6. Feel free to add me as a friend ill add you back ASAP and please comment to this post so it would be easier for me to add you
7. Please credit sjjtnj of hauntedgraphics in icon's comment box
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My Awards

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- missguided_icon

- dreamyobsession
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